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Management Team

John P. Tavlarios Chief Executive Officer

John P. Tavlarios previously held the position of CEO at Gener8 Maritime Inc., an international seaborne crude and petroleum products company with operations around the globe. Gener8 Maritime was listed on the NYSE and was originally known as General Maritime Corporation. Tavlarios co-founded the company in 1997 and was instrumental in taking it public in 2001. He has served as CEO, President, COO and Board Member. The company at its peak was the second largest midsize tanker company in the world with over fifty vessels, eight international offices and over 2,000 land and sea based employees

Sanjeev Jakhete Chief Technical Officer / Founder

With over twenty four years of engineering and project management experience, his research led to the development of this proprietary, chemical free water treatment technology using simply electricity to clean highly contaminated effluent. Mr. Jakhete excels at developing laboratory based concepts into economically viable, commercial products. Under his leadership, Clear Water Plasma, now Aqua Pulsar, successfully launched the AP48, a standalone hyper oxidation water treatment system for the Oil and Gas industry and various other water industries. Mr. Jakhete has received on behalf of Aqua Pulsar numerous US and International patents and patent pending rights on the core proprietary technology for the water treatment process.

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