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Aqua Pulsar patented and proven technology provides scalable solutions to meet a wide range of water treatment based on volume and location. We can treat 100% raw water without any limitations on the TDS for bacteria, precipitation of scale causing minerals, oxidation of heavy metals and salinity. All our units are self-cleaning hyper oxidation systems designed and ideal for disinfection of microorganism, biofilm; organic and inorganic contaminants; and micro-precipitation of scale causing minerals.

  • Single process water treatment.

  • Water is ready for immediate recycle reuse.

  • No chemicals or additional freshwater needed

  • No scaling tendencies

  • Success with diverse industries (highly-variable water quality)

  • Reduces safety concerns and liability for E&P companies without compromising quality of water.

  • Pits, Ponds & tank cleaning  

  • Pre-treatment for SWD wells 

  •  Hydraulic Fracturing  

  •  Water Flooding Operation

System Benefits:



  • Oil/Gas frac ready treatment

  • Cooling tower water treatment

  • H2S / Odor contaminated water treatment

  • Hospital waste water treatment

  • Scale and biofilm prevention

  • BOD-COD reduction

  • Marine growth prevention system for ships

  • Chlorine generator for sanitation of passenger ships

Dimensions:28’(L) x 9’(W) x 10’(H)

Flow Rate: 1,600 g/min

Weight: 12,000lbs
Power Supply: 3 Phase, 480V, 60Hz, 200Amps




For low flow rate applications such as Hospital Waste Water, Cooling Towers, Marine Growth Prevention System, on board ships and much more.

Dimensions: 14'(L) x 8'(W) x 8'(H)

Flow Rate: 120 g/min

Size: 10’(L) x 8’(W) x 8’(H)

Power Supply: 3 Phase, 220V, 60Hz, 30 Amps

Weight: 1,000 lbs


  • Oil/Gas frac ready treatment

  • Cooling tower water treatment

  • H2S / Odor contaminated water treatment

  • Hospital waste water treatment

  • Scale and biofilm prevention

  • BOD-COD reduction

  • Marine growth prevention system for ships

  • Chlorine generator for sanitation of passenger ships

Dimensions: 10’(L) x 8’(W) x 8’(H)

Flow Rate: 600 g/min

Weight: 8,000lbs
Power Supply: 3 Phase, 480V, 60Hz, 100Amps



  • Dimensions : 3.2'(L) x 2.6'(W) x 5.8'(H)

  • Weight: 600 Lbs

  • Flow Rate: 25 g/min

  • Power Supply: 3 Phase, 480 V ~ 480 V, 60 Hz, 20 Amps

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e500 Electro-Oxidizer

  • Dimensions : 15.75”(L) x 7.25”(W) x 19.75”(H)

  • Flow Rate: 5~10 g/min

  • Weight: 30 Lbs

  • Inlet Pipe: ¾ “

  • Rated Pressure: 10~40 Psi

  • Power Supply: Single Phase,100 V ~240 V, 50 ~60 Hz, 1~2 Amps




Aqua Pulsar provides energy companies with an innovative, cost effective onsite water management solution. Our patented technology is a mobile reactor that can be rapidly deployed to treat the most complicated water. Aqua Pulsar's electro-oxidation process eliminates all bacteria, H2S, and also reduces solids to micron level. The benefits translate to enormous cost savings. The operator will no longer need to treat for scaling, corrosion, solids management or H2S. This entire process is chemical free. Additionally, one single machine can treat up to 35,000 barrels per day.


As the oil/gas and energy industry grow, the need for an environmentally conscious water treatment solution is essential. Aqua Pulsar's technology is designed to solve these operational challenges and limitations by treating both flow-back and produced water during hydraulic fracturing.

Aqua Pulsar provides energy providers with a chemical free, environmentally safe treatment solution. Treated water is frack ready for immediate use. 

Aqua Pulsar's mobile and skid units 

  • Recycle flow-back and produced water

  • Treat water flooding, pit, pond, tank cleaning and pre-treatment

  • Reduce or eliminate need for acquisition, transportation or disposal of contaminated water

  • Control Scale-Causing Mineral Precipitation  that reduce production of oil and gas

  • Eliminate foul smelling hydrogen sulfide gas from contaminated water held in storage ponds.

  • Complete Bacterial Disinfection, eliminating corrosion and clogging well-bores thus improving efficiency.


Aqua Pulsar offers the mining industry customized and sustainable technology solutions to help recycle and reuse water, minimize waste and reduce life-cycle costs. The goal of using the Electro-Oxidation Reactor is to disintegrate all environmentally harmful chemicals and recycle used water back into the process. Aqua Pulsar can design and offer technology solutions to the mining industry for remote sites. Water from tailing thickeners can be processed in the AP Electro-Oxidation Reactor for the oxidation of harmful chemicals such as Cyanides, Sodium Isobutyl Xanthate (SIBX) etc…. This allows mine owners to reuse and recycle the treated water back in their process instead of releasing untreated water into the environment. 

Aqua Pulsar's electro-oxidative technology can be used for: 

  • Coal Seam Gas Water Treatment

  • Acid Mine (Rock) Drainage

  • Tailings Dam and Impounded Water Treatment

  • Specific Contaminant Removal and Recovery

  • Mobile Treatment Services


As agricultural demands grow, the demand for irrigation water increases creating a constant challenge for industries. Expanded governmental regulations make it more difficult for agricultural producers and farmers to operate. The need for an effective and efficient water management solution is essential.

Aqua Pulsar’s mobile or stationary units provide you with a solution to help you meet these challenges. Our electro-oxidative technology is a chemical free process that can clean the dirtiest effluent water and allow for recycling and reuse. The benefits translate to an enormous cost savings to your business. We can address all your water treatment needs with one chemical free step.


Livestock and feedlot farmers are constantly met with environmental challenges and waste management issues as a result of the highly odorous and toxic bi-products produced by animal wastes. The production of these noxious gas bi-products cause significant air pollution and contamination. Nitrous-oxide, ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide, particulate matter and pathogenic bacteria are constantly affecting the air quality and carbon footprint. As a result, serious health concerns for the surrounding communities exist that add to operational challenges.

Aqua Pulsar's advanced hyper-oxidative technology can help address these issues. They provide a chemical free solution that immediately neutralizes odor, bacteria and noxious chemicals.


Aqua Pulsar has many years of experience and performance in disinfection of biological elements in the effluent. Bacteria, viruses, ammonia and nitrates that are present in bodies of water are detrimental to marine life.  

Aqua Pulsar's advanced electro-oxidation process provides a solution through the addition of 
of nano-bubbles that increase the dissolved oxygen levels in the body of water. The addition of oxygen gas thus enhances the oxidation process. This allows for the breakdown of ammonia, reduction of nitrates and effectively increases disinfection. The end result is exceptional water quality.

In summary, the benefits of using Aqua Pulsar's technology for aquaculture are:

  • a chemical free solution

  • Small foot print

  • Silent operation, < 50db

  • improvement of water quality

Nutrient Pollution / Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB's)

Nutrient pollution and HAB’s are some of the most widespread water quality issues across the globe that present economic and challenging environmental problems. Aqua Pulsar brings innovation, value and savings to industries challenged with increasing environmental standards, water scarcity, water contamination, greenhouse gas emissions, and growing water quality concerns resulting from nutrient pollution. Aqua Pulsar’s chemical free electro-oxidation technology increases the life cycle of water by reclaiming what is usable water. As water runs through our electro-oxidation reactors, harmful substances are disintegrated in a single one step process for recycling and reuse or cleaned prior to discharge. Our technology treats surface scum, poor water clarity, toxins, bacteria and odor/corrosion challenges without the use of chemicals, Unlike conventional treatment technologies that use chemicals like algaecides, our patented technology uses only electricity.


Water plays a critical role in every industry's production cycle. Chemicals, dyes, bacteria, solvents, pesticides and pharmaceutical wastes that are generated as a result produce an enormous environmental and operational challenge. Aqua Pulsar is committed to providing a broad range of industries with a chemical-free water treatment solution that produces immediate results while addressing environmental concerns. 

Aqua Pulsar's electro-oxidation technology generates a multitude of oxidants in the effluent using our innovative reactor with special geometry electrodes. Aqua Pulsar's electro-Oxidation technology enhances the treatment process using "nano bubbles" to oxidize the effluent thus leaving contaminants inert. This process is effective in neutralizing:

  • Pesticides, herbicides, and chlorinated solvents 

  • COD/BOD destruction

  • Neutralization of pharmaceutical compounds

  • Dye, pigment, and color removal

Our units are easy to handle, compact, modular and require little maintenance. 


Wastewater from a hospital facility may carry a broad range of contaminants, including harmful bacteria, fecal coliforms, BOD, COD, substrates, hormones and biologically hazardous organics. It also contains traces of cleaning chemicals which are used in keeping hospitals sterilized. Current technology in this area primarily uses a biological reactor to disintegrate the contaminants and then release the water into the city sewer system.

Aqua Pulsar's AP12 Electro-Oxidation technology is tested and field proven at University of Illinois for endocrine substrate destruction and bacteria disinfection. It has demonstrated 99% reduction in pharmaceuticals in waste water and over log 5 reductions in bacterial count. Aqua Pulsar's chemical free oxidation technology uses only electricity as its primary consumable. By generating multiple oxidants directly in the effluent, it oxidizes and precipitates contaminants in the form of inert particles.

  • Field proven, robust

  • Easy operation

  • Non-chemical


With the worldwide rise in consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, incidents of food borne illness have also seriously increased. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on food safety, especially on the methods used to reduce and eliminate pathogens from fresh produce.

Aqua Pulsar has developed a broad range of scalable skid models to fit nearly every application with no harmful by-products. Our technology can be used for the:

  • Disinfection of produced water

  • Produce washing and rinsing

  • Water recycling

Water treated through Aqua Pulsar's Electro-Oxidation Process contains oxidants which may then be utilized for sanitizing produce, specifically in rinsing and washing. Being non-selective, these super oxidants kill most of the bacteria and viruses on the surface of fruits and vegetables. There are no health or environmental concerns regarding any by-products of rinsing or cleaning with water processed through our units. Our units offer the ability to handle high flow rate irrigation water for bacteria disinfection. 

We can address all your water treatment needs with one chemical free step.

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